Tequila, My Love, My Lifeline, My Teacher

For the spirit I sing of is a life giver, a life affirmer. Unlike all other booze, tequila is a natural upper: it makes you high, not sloppy down. With tequila, you don’t feel drunk; you feel, yes, high. Really. So be careful. A long time bourbon drinker, I began to find the weight of whisky too much for my increasingly fatigued frame. And so I reached for a lighter elixir and found it in the strange, heady brew of the agave…

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@PierreDDN said...

in nicolas page, guillaume dustan novel (unfortunatly not translated in english), there is few pages about drugs and alcohols.

He described the effects of alcohols, vodka as a upper, etc... The same way we may describe the differents effects of other drugs (cocaine as an upper, weeds, as a slow one, etc...)

The big difference with Houellebecq is that, if he decribes very well the depressing soul of a frustrated man, at least, he knows what pleasure looks like, while Houellebecq seems unable to experiment pleasure. I would even go to say that the depressive minds described in those books are directly due to the pursue of pleasure. Whatever the search is achieved.

Daniel Coffeen said...

Ah, a word on Houellebecq and pleasure. They find pleasure — true pleasure, not consumption — increasingly difficult to find. And they do find it but only for passing moments.

But his pleasure assumes a distinctive posture: total generosity. He finds seduction a distraction, an evasion, of pleasure. His erotic pleasure is distinctly not erotic: it is pure, democratic, unabashed, thoroughly generous fucking and sucking.

In Platform — I don't remember the title in French — much of the book is the daily pleasures of such a relationship. And it ends with utter annihilation — as humanity disdains itself, its own pleasure.

@PierreDDN said...

I'm not sure Houellebecq searchs for true pleasure, not consumption.

When you go to cap d'agde, where the houellebecq's character finds true happiness (and also Houellebecq his wife), it's like watching the set up of a commercial instead of watching the commercial ad.

A commercial ad makes the fantasy factory working a lot, all is clean , every one is smiling, every one is beautyfull, may be smart.

But the set up has not a lot to do with that.

Cap d'Agde, as the european capital of naturism (being naked all the day), is also the place, where what you expect because it doesn't exist, becomes something that exists and which becomes terribly banal and usual. Naked old skins drinking sodas.

It's not surprising that H. deals so less with imagination and lyrism.
With out those two things, which are feed by reality, pleasure according to Houellebecq remains for me very dark.

Body without soul. And soul without body. The body crying all the day because it has no soul, and vice versa.

Glenn said...

I have been a long time fan of your work Daniel, but you have hit new heights with Tequila, My Love, My Lifeline, My Teacher.

I have only been a tequila drinker for about five years but since the first time Herradura Reposado crossed my path I have never looked back.

Unfortunately, the range of Tequila accessible in Australia is limited, but it makes every journey back to my in-laws in Texas all the more enjoyable as I go in search of a new drop.

I do have half a bottle of Partida Anejo at home which may get some more attention now though I have to take it slow as prices here are of the $100+ range and I am not heading back to the States until December.

Anyway, when you do come across a new favourite feel free to post it on your blog and I will add it to my list.

Daniel Coffeen said...

Thank you, Glenn, for reading. That Herradura Repo is something, although I do prefer the headier spirits.

My recent obsession: Ocho Reposado, 2009. It is expensive and it is delectable.

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