On The Unregistered Podcast with Thaddeus Russell

We discuss vulnerability, parenting, the awful equation of parenting with worry, dyslexia, creating new narratives of the self, grief, Leibniz's concept of the plenum, Merleau-Ponty's concept of the flesh....hmmmm, what else? Well, that's plenty.

Although I think I talk too fast.


dg said...

Some times you lose me Daniel in abstraction land, but I do my best. Could you help me make sense of this?

"the total amount of negative-yielding debt in the world has reached $13-17 trillion (USD). This is more than the combined 2019 federal budgets of USA, China, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, Italy, Brazil and Canada."

Unknown said...
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Erik said...

I loved this so much!

Heard your Rhetoric 10 podcast back when I was 20 (I'm 29 now) and it had a profound effect on my way of being in the world. Thoughts I gleaned from it still keep surfacing from time to time ever since. Lately I've been catching up on your stuff, and even going through a lot of the lectures from the Rhetoric 10 series, and its fun to see that I'm absorbing the material in a more profound way now. More importantly, listening to you jam is still a ball! I'm enrolled in a Master's program at university now, and you're talk with Thaddeus about the academy really gave me a wake-up call. From now on I'm going to go in as an organism; paying attention to how things move me, drawing closer to what causes pleasure and vitality, receding from that which depletes and suffocates.

Anyway, isn't strange how the internet creates connections that never would've existed otherwise?

All the best,
29 year old Norwegian guy whose young life you profoundly influenced

Daniel Coffeen said...

dg: I have NO idea what that means!!! Sorry.

Erik: Thank you so so much for taking the time to write this. You made my freakin' day. And, yes, this internet thingy has turned out to be incredible in that way. I've made friends and connections all over the world starting from those lectures. As for the academy, I think it's best to approach it as one approaches anything: take what you can get, parry the bullshit if you can. All work sucks; so if you can make the university work for you, why not?? Thanks again, truly.

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