The Technology of Sense (a verbal essay)

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Before we're even born, we are taught how to process the world. After all, we are prefigured in the womb as a baby soon to arrive as a child, as male or female, as having a name and parents. Which is to say, we come to this world already enmeshed in elaborate cultural institutions, discourses, and ways of operating. There is no such thing as a clean slate, no immaculate birth. We are born somewhere, as something, a cog within a m

This mode of processing is institutionalized in school as well as in the media. But this mode is not neutral or natural. It entails a a certain architecture of relations between people, concepts, and knowledge.

Mentioned here: Geometry, Foucault, Bergson, viewing art, being creative, new ways of making sense, and more!


Unknown said...

Congratulation on the long awaited book! This is Mick a.k.a Dustygravel. I will surely purchase one soon.

Anonymous said...

Listened to your talk yesterday and wandered around the museum/gallery today, watching people look away. I'm certain that the art for me today was the humans interacting with the "art".

Can't wait for the book. In fact, I'd pay you right now for the beta version of it.

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