The Relationship Between Theory & Art

Theory doesn't explain art; theory is art. (And art, theory.)

Blue Velvet is not Oedipal or Freudian; it deploys some Freudian gestures but it does things with the Oedipal Complex other than exemplify it.

Art and theory exist on the same plane and yet occupy different planes that intersect, interact, or don't. But neither is subservient to the other.

Theory goes with art as any art goes with art.

Mentioned here: Deleuze & Guattari, Foucault, Freud, Jasper Johns, Matthew Ritchie, and more!


Anonymous said...

Like to hear more about neo-liberal design...

Wonder why I get more from listening than reading... Wonder if there could be be a talk/rant/oral version of your book.

Daniel Coffeen said...

I think my thoughts on the neo-liberal design that's sweeping the world is a bit too inchoate at the moment — but there's something in there about cleanliness as (false) authenticity. But I need to keep thinking.

As for reading vs. writing, I've been really digging speaking; it lets me wander more, perhaps to the chagrin of listeners. It's the performance I dig, letting a thought occupy me and then express itself. I'm often as surprised as the next person as to what comes out of my mouth. Hmn.

I'd love to do the book as an audio experience; gotta talk to the press.

And thanks, as always, for listening and commenting; I appreciate it enormously.

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