On Sense (a verbal essay)

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Sense is the way bodies cohere, or don't, in a perceptive field.

Sense is not the meaning of an experience; sense is the meaning + the immediate affect  + temperature + speed + intensity + color + shape and the diverse terms in which different bodies interact and cohere, more or less, with other bodies (visible, invisible, organic, machine, vegetal (yes, that's redundant)).

Sense happens at the cusp of events, in the seams of bodies assembling and disassembling.

Sense is always at the point of its own dissolution, fragmenting infinitely into chaos or cohering too rigidly into cliché or meaning.

William Burroughs, in his cut-up method, plays at the borders of sense and chaos. It's often a subtle, tenuous, and moving line that separates one from the other. Artists reckon this moment at every moment.

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