Publishing via Thought Catalog

For the next month, I will be publishing a series of essays via Thought Catalog. Here is my archive of TC articles to date:

>All I Want is Time to Enjoy This Life: A Series of Personal and Pissed Off Critiques of Capitalism

> Shopping for Sex Online, Web 2.0 Style

> That Limp Sensation: Web Porn and the Architecture of Desire

> My Fetish Jealousy (an audio essay)

> Tequila ‚ My Love, My Lifeline, My Teacher

> Television on the Wire: Extension, Expansion, Proliferation

> The Horror of Whole Foods, or The Obama Effect

> Five Terrific and Very Different Sexual Books by Men

> A Less Bloody Ethics: On True Blood

> Rethinking Environmentalism

> Inglorious Basterds

> The Scholastic Swindle: Quashing Adolescence

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@PierreDDN said...

hi !

still working my english, i have almost completed a very bad book, but nevertheless instructive on the point of vue of improving in english (the book title is the family tree, cheap sf).

anyway, i was reading the article about true blood. just two sentences: when you speak about capitalism as the object of the vampire thing metaphor, and when, after, few lines below, you speak of difficult relationship in working.

i know, or sometimes, all the more that i have made a break on your berkeley teaching, i suppose, that truth sueing is not the point. but taking on oneside the theorictical revendications, and on the other, the pragmatism in front of the concrete reality, just makes me think to a great english author (i have forgotten the name, it's not a sort of pedanterie), who spoke of something like (i must also say that i don't entirely remember the quote) the green of the tree as reality, and the grey of theory.


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