Another thought about professional sports

Why, exactly, do the networks insist on showing us the owners of the teams during the game? I, for one, find it kind of disturbing as it reminds me of the creepy class and race structure of professional sports.

Ah, perhaps that is why the networks do it: to incite, even if in a roundabout way, a revolutionary consciousness.


Eric said...

Probably just because the team owners are partial owners, or at least some kind of stakeholders, in the networks. But your explanation is much more interesting. :)

Daniel Coffeen said...

Oh, yeah: that's a smart answer—a vested interest by the networks. Duh. I'd make a lousy Marxist.

Michael said...

Here's a fun quote that approximates your thought on pro sports:

Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.
- Lenin

A little heavy handed but I think it brings everything in your thought nicely to the surface.

V said...

The awful race and class dimensions of professional sports find, for my money, their carnal apotheosis in Michael Buffer, that carefully coiffed white man singularly and indeed solely famous for his tuxedoed introductions of two desperate members of the underclass who will shortly be pummeling one another into literal submission.

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