Towards a Politics of the Ecstatic (a verbal essay)

Some thoughts on a government and political discourse that doesn't seek to legislate the good or the profit motive but seeks to create the conditions of the ecstatic. This is different than the pleasure the present capitalist-corporate-state legislates and facilitates. I am interested not in pleasure per se but in enjoyment — in the slow, internal permeation of the self. So rather than a system that focuses on the conditions of profit to buy pleasure, I am interested in a system that focuses on creating time that facilitates enjoyment — and, alas, the ecstatic.

This is a true essay, a try, a reaching with reference to Nietzsche's energetics of saying Yes and No along with some Marcuse and some thoughts and experiences I've had lo these past 50 years. Indulge me, if you would. Or not.

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Dave in Van said...

Poverty is not socialism. To be rich is glorious.
~Deng Xiaoping

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