The Most Radical Philosophic Move: Everything Is In Motion


Pierre said...

when i began to listen, when you spoke of the time, i thought to the few pages i read of bergson.

he begins reasoning from an opposite point of vue than his conclusions: at the begining of his book, he says that time is a succession of intervals. At the end he says what u say, that time is not a succesion of instants, but the instant itself.

the nice point is how a philosopher encompasses, to finally reach a particular thesis, all the possibilities of analysis, especially the wrong intuition.

the other funny point is about the style of his writing. he is a very meticulous reasonning guy. but conclusions of his step by step, are supporting the "ineffable" irrationality. (which is by the way a particullary religious notion, especially roman catholic).


Daniel Coffeen said...

It took me a while to get Bergson's style. And then, one day, I hit his stride. And I love this meticulous approach to the fuzzy, his focused conclusion of intuition. And I love the fact that this is not a tension per se but is in fact a key aspect of his claim: namely, that intuition is the most precise, exacting method.

JD said...

"that intuition is the most precise, exacting method"
Wow do I love that quote! Thank you thank you thank you!
I constantly come to forks. In roads, and in my own tongue. I genuinely don't know which one I will take until I get to it. The road less traveled has not always been my choice, but it has been MY choice and THAT has made all the difference in the world for me.
For a fun yet kinda serious look about everything in motion watch JD and Nadine discuss time, space and lemonade. http://www.youtube.com/user/JDandNadine#p/a/u/1/WlKkWtoEQko

Daniel Coffeen said...

JD: The reckoning of the fork is what fascinates me, relentlessly. How do we make our decisions? They are such an exquisite amalgamation of factors and moments, visible and invisible.

Things, I believe, beckon to each other across time and space — like a magnetic pull. Like craving lemonade and then finding it smack dab in the middle of nowhere. (I love your video.)