My fetish jealousy

This may sound terrible but there are times when I'm walking through the sordid San Francisco streets and I find myself jealous of the drunk and the junky. There they are with their stash or their bottle and all is good in the world. When they run out, they know just what to do. What a life.

I have the same jealousy of fetishists. They know exactly what they want, exactly what will sate them. Me, I am overwhelmed by the choices, the vast selection. I see women on the street and I can imagine myself, more or less, with all of them. And this stymies me, leaves me immobilized and wanting. Meanwhile, the guy who digs smoking chicks with tiny boobs knows just what his night will entail.

I want to be possessed.


Ryan said...

As a fetishist with a fetish that is extremely difficult to enact--though nothing like because it would land me in jail, mercifully--I feel much the same way. It's a nice tension that keeps me from getting too complacent though.

Jennifer said...

Possessed? You mean like the Linda Blair character in the Exorcist? Oh sure, one could make the observation that the junkie is possessed by an addiction, which is a metaphorical demon, but who needs symbolism when one could go for the authentic. Right?

Vlad said...

what a great fetish! :) i wish i would have that one :))))))))) actually i do....but a little :)

Vlad said...
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Anonymous said...

The fetish provides diminishing returns and eventually becomes compulsion without joy.